Artists for 2015

Year Booth First Name Last Name Medium Image
2015 Suzy Scarborough Painting
2015 M. Carla Wright Painting Wright, M. Carla
2015 Glenn Woods Ceramics Woods, Glenn
2015 Yair Stern Jewelry
2015 Kyle Spears Photography Spears, Kyle
2015 Vince Pompei Metal Pompei, Vince
2015 Sarah Pollock Drawing Pollock, Sarah
2015 Jessica & Carlos Perlaza Leather Perlaza, Jessica
2015 Stephen Palmer Mixed Media 3D Palmer, Stephen
2015 Steven Klein Wood Klein, Steven
2015 Scot Kellersberger Sculpture Kellersberger, Scot
2015 Bruce Holwerda Painting Holwerda, Bruce
2015 Jim Holehouse Watercolor Holehouse, Jim
2015 Lee Hazelgrove Ceramics Hazelgrove, Lee
2015 John Furches Printmaking Furches, John
2015 Forney Jewelry Forney, Jack
2015 Brian Eppley Painting Eppley, Brian
2015 Brad Devlin Mixed Media 3D Devlin, Brad
2015 Josh Clay Painting Crow, josh
2015 Carol Clay Fiber Clay, Carol
2015 Brad Patterson Ceramics Patterson
2015 Deborah O'Keeffe Mixed Media 3D O'Keeffe
2015 Melodie Grace Ceramics Grace
2015 Thomas Yano Sculpture Yano
2015 Wayne Trinklein Sculpture Trinklein
2015 Patti Monroe-Mohrenweiser Mixed Media 2D monroe-mohrenweiser
2015 Sharon Tesser Fiber Tesser
2015 Dan Sayre Metal Sayre
2015 Christine Heisler Ceramics Heisler
2015 Karen Ambellan Jewelry KarenAmbellan
2015 Joelle Medici Fiber Medici
2015 Edward Park Painting Park
2015 Courtney DeYoung Jewelry DeYoung
2015 Daniel & Frances Hedblom Metal hedblom
2015 Daniel Wagner Mixed Media 2D wagner
2015 Dan Barnes Mixed Media 3D DanBarnes
2015 Pui Cockman Mixed Media 2D PLCockman
2015 Jane Waxenfelter Ceramics Waxenfelter
2015 Matthew Smith Jewelry MattSmith
2015 Heidi Farhenbacher Ceramics Fahrenbacher
2015 Laurel & Michael Davern Jewelry LaurelDavern
2015 Rebecca Lowery Ceramics Lowrey
2015 Allen Levy Painting Levy
2015 Matthew Platz Photography platz_matthew
2015 Joachim McMillan Painting mcmillan_joachim
2015 Princy Fears Fiber Fears
2015 Robin Kittleson Glass kittleson-robin
2015 John Eric Kara Wood karajohn
2015 Chelsea Bird Jewelry ChelseaBird
2015 Benjamin Bigelow Mixed Media 2D BenjaminBigelow
2015 Kathleen Murphy-Willer Painting willer-kathleen1
2015 Stan Goldberg Photography StanGoldberg
2015 Denise Fletcher Jewelry fletcher-denise
2015 Rommel Ricaurte Sculpture ricurte-romell
2015 Michel Plumail Jewelry plumial-michel
2015 Sean Brown Jewelry-Other brownsean
2015 Rick Loudermilk Painting loudermilkrick
2015 Lisa Loudermilk Mixed Media 2D loudermilklisa
2015 Michael Kifer Ceramic wall-piece
2015 Paul Fletcher Painting fletcher
2015 Mary Johnston Painting johnston
2015 Carol King Wood king
2015 Marc & Wendy Zoschke Jewelry zochke1
2015 Brian Miller Photography bmiller
2015 Richard Helland Painting helland
2015 David Frank Photography frank
2015 George Raab Printmaking raab
2015 Michael & Jane Lewis Mixed Media 2D lewis
2015 Denise Karbassi Fiber Karbassi1
2015 Chuck & Lauren Adams & Tietz Sculpture ChuckAdams
2015 Royal Miree Sculpture miree
2015 Kristin Perkins Jewelry perkins
2015 Suro Kim Painting Kim
2015 Kate Beck Fiber Beck2
2015 John Russell Wood russell2
2015 Marianne Shepardson Glass shepardson1
2015 Adam & Sarah Spector Ceramic spector
2015 Jeff Salter Wood salter1
2015 Rebecca & Scott Bashara & MacDonald Jewelry macdonald
2015 Marvin & Michelle Shafer Jewelry/Metal shafer
2015 Michelle Prahler Mixed Media 2D prahler
2015 Idelle Hammond-Sass Jewelry Sass
2015 Kim Koch Jewelry koch
2015 Jonathon Stopper Jewelry booth-51-jonathon-stopper
2015 Kathleen Kalinowski Pastel booth-84-kathleen-kalinowski
2015 Tom Laudenslager Ceramic booth-112-tom-christa-laudenslager
2015 Scott Matyjaszck Photography booth-181-scott-matyjaszek
2015 Patrick Meyer Metal booth-103-105-patrick-meyer-bill-zerkle
2015 Michigan Silversmiths Guild Jewelry mary-kernahan1
2015 Marvin Murphy Painting booth-27-marvin-murphy
2015 Cathryn Martinez Jewelry booth-119-tom-cathryn-nowicki
2015 Xavier Nuez Photography booth-182-xavier-nuez
2015 Greg Roche Leather booth-57-greg-roche
2015 E105 Erica Zap Jewelry booth-143-erica-zap
2015 Marie Scarpa Jewelry booth-114-marie-scarpa
2015 Gillian Kemper Painting / Printmaking booth-167-gillian-kemper
2015 Jeff Condon Painting / Drawing condon1
2015 Mark Wagar Glass booth-47-mark-wager
2015 Brian Jensen Painting booth-177-brian-jensen
2015 Greg Johnson Ceramic booth-151-152-greg-johnson-donna-gilbert
2015 Laurie & Bill Fowler & Thelen 3D Mixed Media booth-121-122-laurie-fowler-bill-thelen
2015 Jeremy Hansen Painting booth-53-54-jeremy-hansen
2015 Rosemary & Alan Bennett Ceramic booth-118-120-rosemary-alan-bennett
2015 Lance & Vicki Munn Wood booth-197-198-lance-vicki-munn
2015 Linda Chamberlain 2D Mixed Media chamberlain
2015 Berry & Collette Davis & Fortin Glass BerryDavis
2015 Cheryl Ward 2D Mixed Media booth-62-cheryl-ward
2015 Steven Ward Painting booth-60-61-steven-ward
2015 Daniel Lager Painting booth-113-daniel-b-lager
2015 Man-Wai Wu Painting booth-52-man-wai-wu
2015 Jo & Billy Nelson 2D Mixed Media booth-162-jo-billy-nelson
2015 Timothy Sullivan Ceramics booth-194-tim-sullivan
2015 Kim Rhoney Painting g4rh2367
2015 Bill Dziejman Photography booth-144-146-bill-dziejman
2015 Harry Mackie Jewelry booth-83-harry-bj-mackie
2015 Nawal Motawi Ceramic booth-101-102-nawal-karim-motawi
2015 Daniel Barry Painting booth-78-daniel-barry
2015 Yourist Studio Community Ceramic yourist
2015 Jaeryon Ha Drawing booth-49-jaeryon-ha
2015 Chris Seeman Metal booth-77-chris-seeman
2015 Alison Fox Glass booth-141-alison-fox
2015 U of M Organogenesis Photography booth-155-u-of-m-organogenisis
2015 Marie DesJardins Jewelry desjardins1
2015 Pedra Chaffers 2D Mixed Media booth-175-pedra-chaffers
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