Kate Morgan  Columbus,OH

morganKI am inspired by people & portraiture of all types. I appreciate the human form and the emotions within, so I explore many mediums to convey the limitless individuality the human form embodies. I think of my drawings as portraits of a soul, not an actual person–pulling from the universal level instead of our clouded worldly view. They are more than their surface, much like us. They are my perspective & appreciation of who I am & what I know: a woman who embraces passion. To me they are sisters & brothers of this outlook. These beings exist unapologetic, proud & passionate.
I create 2D art from mixed media. I use & build up a variety of materials from plaster, paints, recycled papers, maps, metals, wood, resins, metal gears, polyurethanes, dyes and inks to change the aesthetic of each image. If a material inspires me, I use it! The easiest way to say it, is that I experiment & layer things. I love to incorporate things that have a history & give them new context.

Announcement: Welcome!

Although the event is still the third week in July Fair days have changed to Thursday through Sunday  Please join us for the 2018 Art Fair Thursday July 19 – Sunday July 22! “Diversity, Live it on South U.” Located on the south edge of the U of M campus, the South University Area is […]