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I have created these jewelry pieces using porcelain clay and sterling silver. The process starts with the porcelain. Each piece is hand formed and then painted with ceramic oxides. These porcelain “stones” are then fired in a kiln up to 2300F, at which point the clay has matured and is extremely durable.

I then create a custom silver setting to fit each ceramic stone.  I primarily use sterling silver, which I texture using a variety of techniques, including roller printing, hammering, drilling, and sawing. On some pieces I use a durable black patina and then remove the patina in certain areas to provide additional interest to the piece.

When designing this jewelry I envision a low maintenance line of work that requires minimal care. These pieces have been given a rugged look, and they will age by darkening in certain places and lightening in others. This aging process is intended and the pieces will look better with wear. This work can be cleaned by gently rubbing with a soft cloth using soap and water.

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Although the event is still the third week in July Fair days have changed to Thursday through Sunday  Please join us for the 2018 Art Fair Thursday July 19 – Sunday July 22! “Diversity, Live it on South U.” Located on the south edge of the U of M campus, the South University Area is […]