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There is not a difference between good sculpture and good pottery, but in my time making a living selling art pottery, I know that most people think of pots and sculpture as two different things.  Often times this is the case–we can say there are bad sculptures and bad pots. Another complication is that many United States audiences have been raised to associate “pottery” with “common knick-knack”, “grandma’s painted figurines”, or “brown, heavy, and ugly”. When one says “pottery”, many people are expecting the exact opposite of the kinds of things I make. So often the response I hear when people come into my shop, “I wasn’t expecting this!” I have always worked to improve my design and craftsmanship, to go beyond the basics. My intent has been to make good sculptures, good pots.

Announcement: Welcome!

Although the event is still the third week in July Fair days have changed to Thursday through Sunday  Please join us for the 2018 Art Fair Thursday July 19 – Sunday July 22! “Diversity, Live it on South U.” Located on the south edge of the U of M campus, the South University Area is […]