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Abstract 7My art is a visual record of events that take place in my studio. I try and capture the moments of perfection once they show themselves.  I set myself to work on an idea and almost immediately a tension develops between artistic control and trying to stay out of the way.  I’ve found that the most satisfying work is the work that is most difficult to resolve. And successful work is that which best reflects the process of creation.

My imagery comes from a long-standing commitment to modernist conventions.  The simplistic imagery is an attempt to tap into the memories and ideas we all share.  I’ve found my minimalist designs appeal to people on a primitive level.  Because of this anyone can easily understand my work.  It may look childlike but not childish.

It takes several weeks to complete a single piece.  The paper I use for my collage is handmade or imported from several countries in Asia.  The colors I use come from acrylics, oils, ink, tempera and watercolors.

Announcement: Welcome!

Although the event is still the third week in July Fair days have changed to Thursday through Sunday  Please join us for the 2018 Art Fair Thursday July 19 – Sunday July 22! “Diversity, Live it on South U.” Located on the south edge of the U of M campus, the South University Area is […]