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miller1I design and build jewelry because I can’t imagine doing anything else. Like most little girls, I was in love with all things sparkly and beautiful. As a teenager, I began making simple beaded necklaces for all of my friends.  I’ll never forget the feeling of pleasure in seeing my friends appreciate what I created for them.  Today, it excites me to know I can translate my visions into reality, and that women feel beautiful wearing my Art.

My craft has been a long process of playing with materials and finding what makes me the most happy.  These days, I’m enjoying the rough simplicity of natural ingredients. Once a piece of wood or a slice of Coral inspires me, I feel out the best way to display its unique beauty. Sometimes I fall in love with a component like a hammered hoop, and then I find the perfect way to complement it with a creamy Pearl, a deep faceted Garnet or clear Quartz Crystal.

The jewelry I create is my way of showcasing the Beauty I see in the simplest things around me. I love the clean elegance of oxidized metal as a backdrop for the rich texture of wood or the rough cut of Citrine. The union of materials that aren’t found together excites me, and it’s that distinct combination that truly defines my art.

I see my work as being a beautiful reflection of my lifestyle.  Feeling wildly luscious, yet striving for simplicity & authenticity, my jewelry embodies all that is August Miller. As I simplify my life and learn to see the Beauty in all things, it allows me to create Art that women feel lovely wearing. Art truly does imitate Life.”

Announcement: Welcome!

Although the event is still the third week in July Fair days have changed to Thursday through Sunday  Please join us for the 2018 Art Fair Thursday July 19 – Sunday July 22! “Diversity, Live it on South U.” Located on the south edge of the U of M campus, the South University Area is […]